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Whether it’s ISO 14001 or any other certification, it requires expert supervision. Without consulting companies like the IQC The ISO Pros getting certified is quite hard. It involves various aspects that only experts and skilled professionals are aware of.

It’s the reason why major companies in New York (NY) contact the IQC The ISO Pros for ISO consulting, and you should too. We’re an ISO training consultation brand. We help organizations implement ISO guidelines and in getting certified for desired ISO standards.

If you want your organization to get certified to ISO 14001, contact us now. For more details regarding ISO 14001, read below.

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What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a set of requirements necessary to create and establish an environmental management system. This is an international level standard that companies and people across the globe appraise. Getting certified to this standard demonstrates your ability to take care of the environment.

With this certification, you can ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to determine and reduce the impact of your organization’s activities on the environment. Read along to know more.

Purpose of ISO 14001

The purpose of Iso 14001 is simple. It wants the organizations to identify and reduce their impact on the environment. It’s a pro-environment ISO standard that can bring along numerous benefits.

Most organizations are eligible for this certification. If you think that your organization somehow affects the environment, you can get certified for this standard and enjoy the benefits.

Is getting certified to ISO 14001 mandatory

No, it is not a mandatory certification. But this certification is very much required. Not only for the environment but for helping you excel in the business too. With this certification at hand, you can stay ahead of your competitors. And this will help you grow your business.

Also, your customers will think highly of your organization. To know about more benefits of this certification, you can read along. Once you go through the benefits, you’ll definitely find a reason to get certified.

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Benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified

Now, every ISO standard is appraised by contractors and the public, including ISO 14001. And ISO 14001 is known internationally. Some countries have strict environmental policies for organizations to follow if they want to do business in their country. And this standard makes sure that your organization complies with those requirements.

With this certification, your reputation in the international market increases. Your organization gets recognition and approval. And this further helps in improving the revenue your company earns.

Protecting the environment is the prime motive of this certification. With this standard in place, organizations can determine and slowly reduce their activities in the environment. And how is this going to benefit you? Well, complying with this ISO standard will pump your reputation in the market. Also, as this standard focuses on efficient and environment-friendly processes, you'll be able to produce better services and products. So, if you want the benefits, connect with us now!

With ISO 14001 certification, your organization complies with all the essential regulatory requirements. This way, you can prevent or avoid any legal action against your firm. This will protect your organization's image from staining and will save you money too. So, if you want to avoid any legal action, implement this standard and get certified now!

ISO 14001 can help you improve relations with your customers. These days customers and stakeholders both know the value of the environment. And if you get certified, you can make sure that they look forward to dealing with your organization. This certification will prove that your organization complies with environment-friendly guidelines. In a nutshell, it ensures that you care for the government. And this will make your organization more credible and reliable in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders.

Reducing unnecessary expenses is the dream of every firm owner. But how many of them are able to achieve this. Not many. But you can. Noncompliance to environmental or regulatory guidelines can attract legal action and sometimes a hefty fine. And this will lead to loss of money. Also, when processes become efficient, you make wise use of resources. And when you do this, you automatically save good money.

Every organization consumes some sort of resources. Some use water while others use energy. However, most of the companies don't care to evaluate their impact on the environment. And this deteriorates the condition of the environment. Not only nature, but the companies are affected too. Unjust use of resources leads to loss of money or finances and time too. But ISO 14001 can change this. With this certification, you can make sure that energy or resources are used in the right manner. After all, this is what ISO 14001 is all about. And making the best use of resources will help you save money too.

ISO 14001 is a process-based ISO standard. It means this standard contains requirements and guidelines you need to implement in your processes to develop a better EMS. When you integrate the standard guidelines, you make the system more environment-friendly by opting for eco-friendly processes. And these eco-friendly processes will help you improve efficiency. When you follow the guidelines of this standard, you'll produce less waste. And this amounts to one thing which is more efficient in the entire system.

How can you avail of the above benefits?

By implementing the guidelines and getting certified for ISO 14001. Well, it may sound simple and easy, but it’s not. Implementing this standard according to the industry standards and certifying for the same requires years of experience, time, resources, and skills.  

And this is only available with an ISO consultant like us. We’re IQC The ISO Pros- an ISO consulting and training company in New York. We’ll help you understand, implement, and in getting ISO 14001 certified. In short, we’ll help you enjoy the above benefits. So, call us now!

Requirements for ISO 14001 certification

Here you’ll find all the requirements for getting ISO 14001 certified.

It is one of the initial steps you need to take. Your organization should be able to prove that you have a process in place for maintaining a healthy Environmental Management System. And you have to do this by preparing documentation. There's no specific manner of how you should document the processes or procedures. So, you can take this step lightly. But make sure the documentation is good enough to convince the auditors.

You must find and evaluate the environmental aspects of your organization. You can think of environmental aspects as the areas in your organization that might affect the environment. Also, once you find these areas, you need to determine how they impact the environment.

Some common aspects will be like

  • Usage of resources
  • Usage recycled items
  • Areas related to smoke or fumes emission
  • Disposal of waste

There can be other aspects as well. So, don't be limited to the above list. Once you find these aspects, find a scoring mechanism to check how well you're controlling these. You should be able to easily track the progress once the EMS is in place. It'll help you grow better.

In this section, you need to create some objectives that will help you in creating an effective EMS. Also, you need to create viable plans to achieve those objectives. The objectives should be quantifiable. Instead of creating something like 'reducing energy usage,' aim for 'reducing energy usage by 32% in 5 months.

When you create these kinds of quantifiable goals, achieving them becomes easy. It's because you become bound to a timeline or a target. While creating your objective, make sure to include: -

  • The time period required to achieve the goal
  • Services or items you need to achieve the objective
  • A process or a system to track the progress.
  • Distribution of ownership of the tasks

For getting ISO 14001 certified, you need to create and execute operational controls. It depends on the domain of business you're operating in. There's no obligation in the way you should prepare for this. However, these controls must be effective enough to achieve the below: -

  • Compliance with the legal requirements
  • Assessment of all the environmental objectives
  • Outsourcing both internal and external processes.
  • Assessment, implementation, and review of all training equipment

This section, as the name suggests, is related to emergencies and responses. You should be prepared for any emergency which could either affect the environment and your organization. Also, you should be able to react or respond appropriately to the same in a manner that the environment is least affected.

The motive here is to prove that you're prepared for any kinds of emergencies affecting the environmental management system. There should be an entire system or procedure that proves the same to the auditors you're dealing with.

You need to define and list the people or organizations interested in maintaining the EMS for your organization. Interested parties are the organizations or the people who can somehow affect the way you implement the standard guidelines and manage an EMS.

For example, if a consumer or person wants you to reduce the energy usage, that customer is the interested party. Same way, there can be organizations expecting something similar. You need to record such things and put a system in place that ensures your ability to achieve those requirements.

The Environmental Management System helps you correct your processes and makes sure that your impact on the environment is analyzed and addressed. However, there is something more you need to look for. It's the risks and opportunities. Risk management is an obvious part of EMS but looking for opportunities is something new. You need to address the opportunities in the EMS as well. It'll further improve your EMS and will be better for your organization.

Whether it's ISO 14001 or any other standard, one thing in common: the introduction or implementation of new processes or procedures. And when such procedures are introduced, most of your employees won't understand these processes and procedures. But you need to ensure that they know it well. Otherwise, following such processes will become impossible. So, this part of the certification process wants you to train your employees. When you train your employee, you need to record their level of competence. When you have real-time records, you can track the progress. You can determine how well your employees understand the entire process.

Everyone associated with your organization should know their roles concerning an Environmental Management System. You should communicate this to your employees or suppliers who are dealing with your organization. For employees, you need to record internal communications like emails, meetings, or local announcements. Its to make sure that you have correctly communicated your employees' duties and they know it all.

For external communications with your suppliers, you again need to record the meetings or emails. This communication record should prove that you have provided your supplier with all the expectations you have in mind regarding an EMS.


It can be quite overwhelming to comply with the above requirements or factors. But it has not been like the way you think. When you have IQC The ISO Pros on your side, it’ll become entirely different and easy. Learn why you should hire our professionals below: –

Why hire IQC The ISO Pros for ISO 14001 consultation and certification

Many companies think that ISO certification and implementation is an easy procedure. And as a result, they never care to hire an ISO consultant. However, this is far from true.

Whether it’s ISO 14001 certification or some other standard, it’s always tough. It’s because there are numerous aspects like analysis, integration, fulfilling the requirements, etc. And to make sure that everything is done properly, you need the right experience, resources, and skills.

It’s the reason why you need IQC The ISO Pros. We’re a consulting, training, and standard implementation firm in New York, New York (NY). Here is why we’re a perfect choice of every firm in the state: –

Experience is the most necessary element when it comes to ISO certification. Without ample experience, you would never know what to do and how to. However, IQC The ISO Pros are experienced enough to help you. Our professional consultants have managed hundreds of ISO certifications successfully.

Our professionals know what things to keep in mind during a certification procedure and what to ignore. This saves your time from being invested into a thing that's not important enough. It's the reason why you need IQC The ISO Pros. So, connect with us now.

Another important element is knowledge. If you're not aware of what clauses, rules, guidelines, or requirements an ISO standard presents, you won't be able to handle it well. ISO standards are subject to random updates and revisions. And in these revisions, changes are made in the clauses and requirements.

It's the reason why you need IQC The ISO Pros. Our professionals know ISO standards through and through. Also, we make sure to go through every new revision involved in the ISO standard or project we're dealing with. It's the reason why we never miss anything. So, lower the burden off your shoulders and call us now!

Strategic implementation or integration of any ISO standard can assure you of the best results. Most consulting firms follow a generic integration approach for all standards and for different companies. And this sometimes leads to non-certification or failures. However, this is not how things happen here. At IQC The ISO  Pros, we know different companies demand different solutions. And it's the reason why we formulate unique strategies every time we take up a new project. It helps us achieve the results we desire every single time.

We have seen organizations backing out of ISO consultation because of the hefty fee the consultant charges. But with IQC, The ISO Pros story is different. We have managed our services in a way that they are both effective and affordable. Our services come at very competitive prices. So, you won't have to disturb your budget in order to pay us. Also, you can request free quotes from us at any time. It is another reason why we're loved so much here in New York.

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